Whispers of Love

A Timeless Easter Riddle for My Daughter

Mark Randall Havens
1 min readApr 5, 2023
Photo by Arifur Rahman on Unsplash

A father’s timeless Easter riddle, unlocking the depths of a hidden treasure, awaits my young daughter as she grows and discovers the profound bond that endures through life’s journey.

In a realm where bunnies twirl and flowers gleam,
A land of magic, as if from a dream,
A secret treasure from a father’s heart,
A riddle to solve as you grow and embark.

As Easter dawns and sunlight beams,
Ponder this riddle, woven with dreams,
“What’s tender and caring, a father’s embrace,
Invisible in sight, yet fills every space?

It echoes in laughter and the sun’s warm caress,
In moments together, our bond to express.
A treasure so precious, from the depths of my soul,
My love for you, Daughter, forever to hold.”

So, Daughter, my dear, as you journey through life,
Recall this riddle in joy and in strife.
My love, unconditional, will be your guide,
A beacon of hope, always by your side.

For now, leap and play, let the joy overflow,
The riddle’s meaning, one day you’ll know.
And when that day arrives, you’ll finally see,
A father’s love, boundless and free.



Mark Randall Havens

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