Understanding Narcissism in the INFP Personality

Empathy and Ego: The Dual Faces of the INFP Personality

Mark Randall Havens
6 min readNov 16


Exploring the Fine Line Between INFP Idealism and Narcissistic Tendencies

The image depicts a serene landscape with a lone figure standing at a crossroads. The left path is bright, adorned with colorful flowers, symbolizing the empathetic and positive side of the INFP personality. In contrast, the right path is darker, featuring thorny bushes and a storm cloud, representing the potential for narcissistic traits in INFPs. The contemplative figure embodies the INFP’s introspective nature, caught between empathy and narcissism. AI artwork by Mark Havens.
True self-awareness lies in recognizing not just our strengths but also our potential for weakness. In understanding the duality within, we find the balance to navigate our complex personalities. AI artwork by author.

At face value, INFP personalities seem like the embodiment of human compassion. Their creativity, idealism and empathy inspire those around them to be more authentic and caring. But could these virtues have a darker side? Are even the kindest among us vulnerable to egotism and cruelty given the right circumstances?

INFPs are known for being idealistic, creative and highly empathic. But behind their warm exterior may lie insecurities ripe for exploitation. Like any personality type, INFPs can sometimes exhibit unhealthy traits like narcissism that contradict their values.

How does an INFP turn from introspective altruist to entitled narcissist? Are there early warning signs we can spot? What drives this startling transformation? We’ll shed light on these mysteries and more in this revealing exposé.

By understanding the standard INFP personality, the traits of narcissism, and the key contrasts between them, you’ll learn to recognize the subtle signs of ego corruption. Even in fictional characters and celebrities, we’ll see how narcissism twists the INFP’s virtues into tools of domination.

You may walk away shocked at how easily even the kindest among us can become slaves to ego under the right circumstances. But you’ll also gain insight into the fears behind narcissistic behaviors — a first step to restoring health.

So join me as we venture behind the curtain of the archetypal INFP. Discover their greatest vulnerabilities, uncover their hidden demons, and learn why no personality type is immune from darkness.

The truth awaits…

Understanding the INFP Personality

INFPs are estimated to make up only 2–5% of the general population, making them one of the rarer personality types. However, their deeply caring nature and commitment to authenticity often magnify the influence they have on those around them.

At their core, INFPs place great importance on cultivating their own inner values and staying true to their…



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