Dallas Makerspace: The Untold Story

Reclaiming control of the Dallas Makerspace narrative

Mark Randall Havens
8 min readMar 7, 2022
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If you have ever volunteered as a leader at Dallas Makerspace, I hope you may receive this story as a form of validation and hope.

Perhaps you are a committee chair, an appointed officer, or even an elected board member.

Perhaps you’ve dedicated yourself to countless hours of volunteerism at Dallas Makerspace and have wisely avoided drama and attention.

I have hope that others within Andrew LeCody’s (a.k.a. aceat64) close inner circles, such as Pearce Dunlap, Erik Smith, Luke Olson, and Ken Purcell also feel a resonance with this story.

It’s not all black and white

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across this story by random chance.

If so, there may be something here for you too.

I’m going to talk about an often misunderstood type of person that you may have encountered at some point in your life.

If you can think of someone that is hell-bent on manipulating you and the people close to you, whether in business, socially, or both, then please consider staying to read this story to the end.

You may see parallels in my story that could serve as insight into your own relationships.

The true story of Dallas Makerspace

As founder of Dallas Makerspace, I worked with Andrew LeCody very closely.

During the earliest years of the organization, I mentored him in management, policy, organizational psychology, organizational dynamics, leadership, and other similar topics.

During this time, he was a young adult in his early 20s. He was well-regarded by his peers. And while he had no notable experience in leadership, he possessed the aptitude, talent, and desire to lead others.

I interacted with him closely as a respected friend and mentor.

We enjoyed a healthy relationship.

I was welcomed within his inner circle while he was president and a board member of Dallas Makerspace between 2011 and 2014.



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