Reasons Why Narcissists Won’t Offer You Closure

Mark Randall Havens
5 min readNov 23, 2022
Photo by Yan Krukov

Narcissists will not give you closure.

They will never know peace, and you’ll never have the ability to give it to them.

Their tortured souls will only cause you pain.

Without warning, explanation, or reaction, you will be abandoned.

In the end, everything depends on their schedules, their conveniences, and their logic. If they feel the need to return, they will. If not, they won’t.

The cycle makes you weaker until you can’t keep up.

They will not let you go; they will hurt you and make you regret it.

Acceptance is the best course of action.

The pain they are going through is beyond your comprehension; you must find closure in your own way.

As for their reasons…

They are complicated.

But here is some insight that may help you find acceptance and closure on your own.

They want to keep you hanging

Narcissists will create an emotional hook that will make you think they need to explain their behavior. They may try to manipulate you into revealing how badly you hurt them. This…



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