Frivolous Litigation by Former Dallas Makerspace President Becomes an Embarrassment to the Maker Community

Mark Randall Havens
3 min readMar 9, 2022
Photo by Conny Schneider on Unsplash

For those who care about such blights on the Dallas Maker community, it was upheld by a Texas Applet Court that Andrew LeCody’s (a.k.a. aceat64) lawsuit against rival former Dallas Makerspace board members Barbara Kris Anderson (known for her creative works of art), Charles Baber (known for his involvement in electronics), David Kessinger (known for his metal shop work), and Steve Blanchard (known for his work in computing) was indeed frivolous.

In the years that his litigation escalated tensions between the old board and the new, Andrew LeCody ultimately failed to prevail in his morally unscrupulous lawsuit. Although I have heard accounts that he has argued otherwise (which is laughable).

His true victory was in the strategic (and expensive) use of frivolous litigation as a means of divisiveness within the Dallas Makerspace leadership community.

For him, this was a revenge-seeking and self-serving means to an end that he has undoubtedly maintained in a shroud of justice. This act of callous machiavellian viciousness has created a cancerous pattern of behavior that has destroyed the Dallas Makerspace community.

This was maintained through self-evident acts of ego-driven pettiness, a narcissistic determination to make false claims regarding his status and contributions, and a campaign of propaganda intended to maintain some semblance of influence over the direction of this organization.

The cost to him was high.

The cost to Dallas Makerspace was high.

And the cost to our community was high.

The reputation of Dallas Makerspace is now at an all-time low, as acts of fraud now plague its current leadership.

Impropriety has become an assumed default state of affairs for the once prominent and proud organization.

Many Dallas Makerspace members, once perfectly content and welcome within Dallas Makerspace doors, are now alienated refugees.

Hundreds of Dallas Makers can now be found scattered throughout the other Makerspaces in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, unable or unwilling to step foot on Dallas…

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