Destiny’s Child

The Making of a Prophetess

Mark Randall Havens
26 min readNov 18

A precocious half-elf girl manipulates her way to power in a religious order, embracing the darkness within herself to fulfill her perceived grand destiny.

At the crossroads of shadow and light, a child of destiny begins her journey.

“I alone see the path forward clearly. My visions shall guide us all.”

PROLOGUE — Whispers of Destiny

In the realm where myth and reality dance under the same moonlit sky, there lies a city that hums with the vibrant energy of both the ancient and the new. Here, within the heart of this bustling metropolis, stands an ancient temple, a sanctuary of serenity amidst the chaos of daily life. It is in this temple that our story begins, with the first light of dawn caressing its age-old walls.

Amidst the marble pillars and sacred relics, a young half-elf girl named Elyndra moves with an ethereal grace that sets her apart from those around her. Her golden hair, shimmering like strands of sunlight, cascades down her back, while her deep emerald eyes hold the mysteries of the stars themselves.

Elyndra is not like the other children of the temple. Born of two worlds yet belonging to neither, she finds solace in the whispers of the wind and the ancient stories etched into the temple walls. These stories speak of heroes and heroines, of gods and monsters, of battles won and lost. But to Elyndra, they whisper something more — a destiny that reaches beyond the stone confines of her world.

As the city awakens, Elyndra’s day begins like any other, with prayers and chants that rise like incense to the heavens. Yet, within her heart lies a restless spirit, a yearning for something more, something extraordinary. She feels it as surely as she feels the beating of her own heart — a call to greatness, a path yet to be discovered.

But with such dreams come shadows, and Elyndra is all too aware of the fine line between destiny and delusion. The elders of the temple, wise and venerable, caution her to tread carefully, to honor the balance of humility and ambition. For in this world, where the lines between the sacred and the mundane blur, the journey to greatness is fraught with perils both seen and unseen.



Mark Randall Havens

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