Closure Lost, Self-Love Found: Letting Go When a Narcissist Ghosts You

Reclaiming Your Inner Power After a Narcissist’s Silent Treatment

Mark Randall Havens
3 min readNov 15


A narcissist’s disappearance can leave you endlessly perplexed and lacking closure. But by focusing inward, ceasing contact, and showing yourself compassion, you can find empowerment.

A lone figure stands in a dimly lit space, reaching towards a fading, ghost-like silhouette, symbolizing the emotional impact of being ghosted by a narcissist. AI artwork by Mark Havens.
In the Shadows of Absence: The Silent Echo of a Narcissist’s Departure. AI artwork by author.

When a narcissist disappears without explanation, it can leave you endlessly perplexed. Why the silent treatment? How do you make sense of someone who acted so devoted, only to vanish unexpectedly? What could you possibly have done to deserve this?

In your despair, you may repeatedly reach out asking for answers. Yet every unreturned text and call only seems to widen the void between you. Still, you cling to the hope that if you try hard enough, they’ll finally offer closure.

But will closure from a narcissist ever come?

According to psychologists, the reasons behind a narcissist’s silence are complex and rooted in how they see relationships. Their withdrawal likely has little to do with you, and more to do with their own inner machinations.

Do narcissists’ minds work differently when relationships end? Does their ego play tricks on them, preventing closure? What causes them to erase you so entirely? While their motivations often remain a mystery, learning more can help you move forward.

The Temptation of Broken Bonds

Like moths to a flame, many find themselves pulled back to narcissistic exes who unexpectedly resurface. The narcissist may shower you with affection again, making it seem like the magic has returned. But just as quickly, their attention may vanish once more.

Are you trauma-bonded to a narcissist? Could giving closure help you both heal? As painful as broken bonds are, understanding why narcissists disappear can empower your self-worth.

The truth won’t always set you free. But closure comes from within. By letting go with compassion for what you’ll never receive, you open new doors that were previously sealed shut.

The cycle of silence can break, if you have the courage to walk away.

Escaping the Trap



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