Shadowborn: The Rise of Malcarius

A Journey from Innocence to Infamy

Mark Randall Havens
23 min readNov 17

In the dark heart of a mystical world, Malcarius, a young and prodigiously talented warlock, embarks on a perilous journey of power and ambition. This gripping origin story, from “Inside the Minds of Megalomania: Exploring the Villain Archetypes,” unveils the early years of a future villain. Driven by an insatiable quest for magical supremacy, Malcarius forges a sinister pact with a fey entity, setting him on a path that intertwines great power with ruthless ambition and emotional detachment. This tale delves deep into the making of a complex antagonist, revealing the pivotal moments that forge a mastermind of darkness, and the inevitable descent into a legacy marked by cunning schemes and a chilling detachment from humanity.

Portrait of a lone young boy dressed in dark robes standing in front of a mysterious stone altar in a moonlit forest.
Even as a child, Malcarius was drawn to the mystical and arcane, beginning his journey down a dark path on the night he made contact with an ancient evil.

PROLOGUE — Shadows of Destiny

In the heart of a dense, mist-veiled forest, where whispers of ancient magic lingered in the air, a young boy named Malcarius ventured alone. The moon, full and bright, cast its pale light through the treetops, illuminating a path that seemed untouched by time.

As Malcarius delved deeper into the forest, the trees thinned, revealing a clearing bathed in moonlight. In the center stood an ancient stone altar, its surface etched with runes that pulsed faintly in the nocturnal glow. The air around it hummed with a power that was as old as the forest itself.

Malcarius, drawn to the mystical since his earliest memories, felt a strange pull towards the altar. His heart raced with a mix of fear and exhilaration. This was the moment he had been unconsciously seeking, a step towards a destiny that whispered to him in his dreams.

As he approached the altar, the air grew colder, and the forest seemed to hold its breath. Malcarius, undeterred, reached out to trace the runes with his fingers, feeling a tingling sensation as he touched the ancient stone.

A voice, ethereal and echoing, spoke from the shadows, “Why do you seek the paths of old, young one?” The words hung in the air, neither threatening nor welcoming.

Malcarius turned towards the voice, his eyes wide with a curiosity that belied his youth. “I seek…



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